An independent IT consultancy company specialising in ACBS.

We provide a full range of development and technical consultancy services to clients using Fidelity's commercial loan products.

Professional Consultancy Services

  • Configure

    Advanced configuration, performance management, load balancing, redundancy, and failover.

  • Secure

    Enhanced security, integrity, and continuity management for first class operation.

  • Develop

    Professionally crafted solutions using a range of software languages to compliment LANSA.

Meet the team

  • Ian Knight

    Senior technical analyst and ACBS development specialist.

  • Mary Knight

    Business manager and web administrator.

Contact Us

ISK Technical Services Ltd
Baydon Cottage, Ermin Street, Baydon,
United Kingdom
ISK Technical Services BV
Midden Geestweg 14,
1861 VG, BERGEN,
The Netherlands